Operation Equip

Operation Equip is one of our four Hack for Education Project Zones.

What is Operation Equip? With the spread of mobile technology and cloud computing, innovation can occur in places where it may have seemed unlikely a decade ago. People choosing to work in this area will be dedicated finding sustainable low-cost solutions for putting technology into the hands of children who could not otherwise afford it in hopes of sprouting a new generation of innovators.

Thank you to our project zone sponsor CMA Technology for supporting this effort


One thought on “Operation Equip

  1. By allowing students to have a 30 minute-1 hour period everyday(extend the school day by an hour) to use the concept most organizations are adopting; bring your own device (BYOD) for use on the school infrastructure may increase the initiative of furthering the learning curve.
    Most kids, (I have 2 daughters) enjoy spending time on the web, fabricating stories that astound me to this day. The practical application put in motion by them enhance their intellectual growth extensively and will put us back on track to being the leader in education. My daughters have an Asian heritage and have always been A level students, this is primarily because I allow them to use the home computer and encourage them to research information instead of asking Mom/Dad for it.
    Additionally, most kids love drama and excitement, when they see a hacker or a story like (face book) and how an application/program can make you wealthy it provides the additive spark to bring out the necessary strive for success.

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